A Few Common Car Body Damages And Their Associated Costs

I think it’s safe to say that about 90% of car owners genuinely love their rides and want to keep them from getting damaged as much as possible. Car damages caused through accidents are such ugly affairs and we all want to avoid them as much as possible. But if something is to happen unfortunately, you must have an idea about just how much the repair is going to you, so that you can decide whether or not to claim your insurance cover to take care of the matter. As the rates can get pushed higher at the time of renewal for every claim you make, depending on the type of insurance you have, it’s always better to avoid going for it if you can afford it on your own. In this article we will look into the costs associated with a few common vehicular damage repairs.

The bumper dent bummer!

Bumper dents are a very common form of damage that is caused to a lot of vehicles that collide with hard structures such as other vehicles, walls, trees and poles. Bumper repair of an older car model is quite low because of the materials used to manufacture them. However, modern automobile bumpers are quite a lot difficult to fix, especially because of the manufacturing methods used on them. Also, because of the several collision avoidance systems that are included in these units,smash repairs in South Geelong or replacement can be very expensive. An estimate of $400 must be spent on replacing the bumper of a vehicle such as Toyota Camry 2016, and the prices can greatly vary depending on the type of the vehicle.

Rear end collisions

When applying brakes like an ethical driver to let the pedestrians cross the road on a crossing or to avoid running over an innocent animal who might make a surprise appearance on the middle of the road, the speedster who was right behind you might crash into your car, leaving a big chunk of the back dented and damaged. To get rear bumper fixed, you will have to go to a number of service providers including panel beaters, car light suppliers and vehicle body painters. All this can add up to cost you about $10000. Since you are not at fault here and the driver who slammed onto you from behind is, you can claim the damages from them if they are fully covered. Visit http://www.bannockburnpanelrepairs.com.au/panel-repairs for panel beaters.

A cracked windshield

The windshield glass may get cracked or damaged due to a number of reasons and most of these damages are usually covered by insurance covers for a small or no deductible. But if your vehicle is not insured, then you will have to put in a lot money, especially if the damage calls for a windshield replacement. In the case of a Camry like in the previous example, a windshield repair will cost an estimate of $110 while a total windshield replacement will cost about $410.