5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Driving With A Cracked Windscreen

Your vehicle should be more or less a family member for you. Why? Because they represent you in the society and reflects your personality. Your windshield being one of the major features of your vehicle, it is vital that you give the attention that it deserves. After all, given your vehicle’s representation of you, would you want it to be cracked and dusty? This is why you need to take care of your windshield in the best way.
Cracked windscreens are fairly common these days due to many reasons. But the bottom-line that you shouldn’t drive with them; because your life just might be depending on it. 

Higher tendency for the screen to be shattered
When you drive faster, the aerodynamics of un-cracked glasses allows the wind particles to sweep on the screens allowing the vehicle to go faster. However, even at the slightest crack in a glass, instead of air sweeping over the vehicle, a considerable amount will be absorbed to the screen imparting a huge force. That’s why there is a very high chance for the screens to be shattered while you’re on the road. It is deadly.

  • Makes airbag deploying ineffective
    The functionality of the airbags has a certain dependence on the pressure inside the vehicle. A cracked glass more or less exposes the vehicle to a fluctuating pressure. This confuses the deployment of the airbags in a case of a crash and might not be as fast as it should be; or worse, they won’t expand at all. This is why timely trusted windscreen repairs are so important.
    • The severity of the accidents is increased
      If you can visibly notice the screen being shaken as you drive, how fast do you think it’ll shatter at the slightest collision? But that’s not the danger here. The most horrifying thing is that, thus shattered glass can hit your face and all the passengers, with the airbags. Given that the function of the airbags is to reach your face within a fraction of a second, just imagine the impact when the same force is applied on you, with glass shards.
      • Makes the vehicle look less attractive
        It’s too obvious. When a vital feature like the windshield is not in the best appearance, it’ll affect the overall appearance of the vehicle. Do you really want to take away the true elegance of your vehicle because of something like this? Do you want to be represented in the society as a ‘cracked’ person? This importance puts you in a position where it won’t be such a bad idea going for a car window replacement if needed.
        • Hinders the vision
          A webbed-glass screen can make your vision on the road to be vague. This could increase the possibility for collisions while reducing the chance to save a crash. That’s another reason why you shouldn’t drive with a cracked glass.
          The bottom-line is that, the windscreen is perhaps the most important part your vehicle. Taking care of it will be the sole reason why your life is saved one day.